Men's Rights Activists Are Butt Hurt About 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

Women are the problem, of course.

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In their continued efforts to combat slights that don't exist, men's rights activists are taking issue with Mad Max: Fury Road. The problem, a writer for Return of Kings argues, is women. Because of course it is. Men have been sucked in by the flick's "explosions, fire tornadoes, even the symphonic score surrounding" only to be tricked into watching a strong female character played by Charlize Theron (gasp!).

How dare she bark orders at Tom Hardy's Mad Max. How dare she even exist, because her character is "impossible." What seems like a movie that acknowledges the simple truth that women exist in roles that aren't subservient to men is actually a forced lecture on feminism. Let Aaron Clarey explain:

This is the Trojan Horse feminists and Hollywood leftists will use to (vainly) insist on the trope women are equal to men in all things, including physique, strength, and logic. And this is the subterfuge they will use to blur the lines between masculinity and femininity, further ruining women for men, and men for women.

Yes, according to Clarey, women can't even think as logically as men. Men like Clarey, who has already written off Mad Max without actually seeing it. If he watched the movie or even read a synopsis he'd realize it doesn't feature a "forced female character or an unnecessary romance sub-plot." It features women who escape sex slavery and are aided by Theron and Hardy's characters, a feasible plot devoid of romance. But homeboy was too busy doing logic to conduct even the most cursory of research. 

He continues:

So do yourself and all men across the world a favor. Not only REFUSE to see the movie, but spread the word to as many men as possible. Not all of them have the keen eye we do here at ROK. And most will be taken in by fire tornadoes and explosions. Because if they sheepishly attend and Fury Road is a blockbuster, then you, me, and all the other men (and real women) in the world will never be able to see a real action movie ever again that doesn’t contain some damn political lecture or moray about feminism, SJW-ing, and socialism.

If you're one of those pieces of garbage who uses the term "social justice warrior" in a negative connotation, yes, you should skip the film. Your blood will boil at the sight of women doing people things. But if you're a regular, minimally decent person, you should go see Mad Max: Fury Road without hesitation. It's certified lit on Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 99 percent


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