Struggle Candidate Martin O'Malley Does a Struggle Taylor Swift Cover on 'The View'

Politics as usual in 2015.

WATCH: @MartinOMalley just covered Taylor Swift on @TheView.

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) October 20, 2015

Unusual has become the new "politics as usual" in 2015. Donald Trump is still a legitimate, poll-leading candidate with his campaign of insults and brags, while Ben Carson is nipping at his heels by trying to out-crazy Trump with insane quotes on Hitler and Muslims. Don't think Democrats have been spared from the absurdity, though. It's just a different sort on the left. 

Martin O'Malley, the fringe candidate who you may remember from the literally fringes of last week's Democratic debate, carried on his presidential vice-presidential campaign with an appearance on The View today. And for some reason he decided to bust out his acoustic guitar and cover Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood"—a song that doesn't mesh well with his "I'm very grateful to have been able to be on this stage with this distinguished group of candidates" closing statement in the debate. 

O'Malley mentions Katy Perry's attendance at a Hillary Clinton rally in Iowa, but this isn't really about him trying to channel his inner TSwift and get into the beef game. It's just an all-too-apparent reach for fun points in a campaign that's currently peaking at two percent in the most favorable polls

In other words, the struggle is real on both the musical and political front. 

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