"Lion King" Just Became the Higest-Grossing Play of All-Time

"The Lion King" just became the highest-grossing play of all-time with $6.2 billion.

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Chances are you've seen The Lion King play. Or you at very least you know, like, 13 people who have. So it should come as no surprise that the show has just become the highest-earning of all-time, surpassing The Phantom of the Opera with a gross of $6.2 billion. 

It's not like the show has stumbled to the finish line either. The Lion King still generates $2 million per week. 

The co-producer of Phantom of the Opera handled the news in classiest way, saying in a statement, "Broadway's longest running musical congratulates the Pride of Broadway on joining the 6-billion plus club." We can understand why he's not mad, because it should be impossible to ever me mad when you've made more than six billi. 




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