Of Course, Larry David Isn't Excited About the 'Seinfeld' Hulu Deal

We're not sure he ever feels excitement.

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Last month Seinfeld and Hulu reached a deal to bring the best sitcom of all time to the streaming service and put a reported $180 million into the stakeholder's pockets. A normal person would be excited about the deal. But, as we're constantly reminded, Larry David is no normal person. Larry David could look at the Mona Lisa while sipping on six-figure wine and say, "Meh."

In an interview with Extra the Seinfeld co-creator was foolishly asked if he was excited about the Hulu deal. "No, why would that excite me?" he says. The interviewer brings up the massive checks, and David continues:

"Yeah, that's always nice. I'm not going to throw that out. But excited about people sitting in front of their computers watching the show? No, that doesn't excite me."

Watch peak Larry David above. 


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