Larry David does not like messenger bags, or putting a carry-on in an airplane overhead bin. He doesn’t believe in wind chill. He doesn’t believe in psychotherapy, believing that the cure to any man’s mental anguish is “a girlfriend and a good job.”

These are just a few of the pearls of wisdom an afternoon with Larry will yield, as Vulture recently discovered spending an afternoon with the Seinfeld co-creator. Promoting his new Broadway play Fish Out of Water, David, his friends, and his ex-wife opened up for a wide-ranging interview that gets into his personal history, and how being such a horrifically difficult person on Curb Your Enthusiasm has actually made his regular life a lot easier, because people now expect him to be kind of a dick and just laugh anyway.

Must be nice.

David also riffs on dating younger women (no specific mentions of Jennifer Lawrence) and his anxieties about tipping, which as you might imagine are plentiful. If you’re a fan of Larry’s, this interview won’t really tell you anything new but will still be a riveting read.


[via Vulture]

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