Flakka Has Overtaken Cocaine as the King of Florida

That according to veteran Detective William Schwartz.

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Flakka and its effects on the already insane people of Florida have been well-documented, but the synthetic drug's prevalence in the Ratchet Sunshine State is even greater than we've realized. This year synthetic drugs, most of which are flakka, have surpassed Cocaine as the most common drug in crime-lab reports in Broward County, Florida's second most populous county, Business Insider reports. Detective William Schwartz said it's the first time he can remember cocaine being supplanted, adding, "Cocaine was king, until this year."

Flakka was made illegal in the United States last year, but no such action has been taken in China, where companies synthesize and ship the drug in mass. Florida's coastline has long made it a drug-smuggling hot spot, and flakka is just the latest drug to take advantage. It's becoming bad enough that Barack Obama has raised the issue in talks with China. 

In April a Florida man high on the designer drug got naked, fucked a tree, and declared he was god. To go for the grand slam he tried to stab police upon their arrival. 


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