A Florida College Has Been Accused of Using Strippers as Admissions Officers

FastTrain College, a for-profit school in Florida, is accused of using strippers as admissions officers and defrauding the government.

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One of the appeals of college is the promise of a four-year party (or longer if you do it right/wrong, depending on how you look at it). It's the stumbling, drunk elephant in the room that no college is stupid enough to publicly acknowledge. Except this for-profit college in Florida that's now facing charges for fraud

FastTrain College has been accused of using strippers as admissions officers, falsifying documents, and coaching prospective students to lie on their financial aid forms. All of this was done, allegedly, to swindle the federal government out of millions of dollars. Now the Florida Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney in Miami are joining a civil suit against the college and its former owner, Alejandro Amor. 

Obviously FastTrain College is dumb for using the stripper tactic and trying to defraud the U.S. government. But we're going to go ahead and say that any dude who picked his college for the strippers deserves a face full of Ds.

On his transcript, that is. 


[via Fox News]

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