'Black-ish' Star Wants Yeezy Season to Come to the Show

Tracee Ellis Ross has a Kanye West cameo all planned out.

Image via ABC

Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross has an ambitious wish list for guest stars on the show. Speaking a recent Emmy panel, the actor who plays Rainbow said she wants Kanye West to guest star in an episode. She imagines Yeezy playing a doctor who her character works with. Dre (Anthony Anderson) would be concerned that his wife wants to sleep with him (because who wouldn't sleep with a doctor with diamond teeth?), but Rainbow wouldn't be interested. 

That's just one of Ross' ideas, though. She wants a guest spot for Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell to bring Ron Burgundy to the show. She also has the perfect idea for a Justin Bieber cameo. "For some reason I feel like Bieber would be a great person to bring into Zoey’s [Yara Shahidi] life," Ross said. "He would be the kid a father wouldn’t necessarily want their daughter to date. I’ve seen some funny comedic stuff he’s done."

No word on if she wants Bieber to play himself or a fictional character. Either would fit her description. 

[via THR]


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