Khloé Kardashian Texted Lamar Odom After Reading This Story in His Memoir

During a recent interview, Odom said he received a text from his ex-wife after she read one of the excerpts in his new book 'Darkness to Light.'

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In his recently published memoir Darkness to Light, Lamar Odom recounts specific moments from his past in which he reflects on his fame, infidelity, and struggles with drug abuse. To little surprise, one of those most affected by Lamar's addiction was ex-wife Khloé Kardashian.

During an appearance on The Jenny McCarthy Show, Lamar told the host that amid his book tour, he received a text from Khloé regarding one of the stories detailed in his memoir. 

"Um, she sent me a text yesterday," the athlete said, after McCarthy asked about how Khloe felt about the book. "She good, she talked about one of the stories I told in the book. About her coming to the hotel and putting her hands on the girl. She said she didn't even think I remembered that story." 

In the anecdote, Lamar recalls being at the height of his drug use when he booked a room at Los Angeles' Hotel Roosevelt in 2012. There were apparently "naked girls everywhere" and ample amounts of cocaine and other drugs. However, it wasn't long before Khloé "bulldozed" into the room and "pounced" one of the strippers Odom was with. 

"Try to imagine the scene: Khloe's beating the shit out of one of the girls who tried to protest," he wrote in the memoir. "She’s dropping vicious blows all over the top of this girl’s head. Kris is screaming and her security guard jumps in and pulls Khloe off the beaten stripper. Khloe tells me to gather up my things, and the guards quickly remove all traces of the drugs. We sneak out of a back door of the Roosevelt and disappear into the night.”

Throughout the interview, Lamar praised his ex-wife, calling her the "love of his life" and saying he hopes that she'll decorate the next house he buys. "She's extremely courageous and tough and strong," he said. 

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