Conservative Christian Group Boycotting Disney and 'Toy Story 4' Over 'Dangerous' Lesbian Scene

One Million Moms, a Christian group within the American Family Association network, accused Disney of "pushing an agenda."

toy story 4

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toy story 4

One Million Moms, a Christian group within the American Family Association network, has announced that they are boycotting Disney and specifically Toy Story 4 on account of the "dangerous" lesbian scene that appears in the film. 

According to the group's website, OneMillionMoms finds its purpose in stopping "the exploitation of our children," by its mortal enemy, "entertainment media." They urge mothers to stand up against "the immorality, violence, vulgarity and profanity" entertainment behemoths like Disney are "throwing at your children." Apparently, "It is time to fight back!"

The group launched a petition on July 2 in protest of a scene in Toy Story 4 that features a lesbian couple. As Woody's new owner is being dropped off for her first day of kindergarten, two moms are seen in the background dropping their child off at school and then later picking him up. The characters are only present briefly, but it's more airtime than One Million Moms are willing to stand for. 

In a statement on their website, 1MM condemned the momentary yet "obvious promotion of the LGBTQ lifestyle," and launched a call to action titled "Disney Blindsides Families with Lesbian Scene in Toy Story 4."

"Some in the gay blogging community have agreed that the moment 'was not groundbreaking by any standard' but continued to praise it as a 'small moment of normalization,' which is exactly why 1MM finds this to be so dangerous," the group's petition reads. "It has not been mentioned much in mainstream media, which could appear as acceptance when really it was because it happened so fast. But the scene was included and intentionally not announced prior to the movie release in hopes it would be kept quiet to expose as many children as possible."

The group is also denouncing a scene in which a "brief comment" is made about not hiding in a closet. "Some children may not catch this reference, but it was extremely unnecessary as with the lesbian couple," the group asserts. "These 'blink and you will miss' moments were included strictly to push an agenda."

In response to Disney's embrace of equal representation, 1MM will no longer support the entertainment behemoth veering away from "family-friendly" content. At the time of publication, 12,800 people have signed the petition. 

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