Toy Story 4 still holds a commanding lead at the box office. 

The Pixar project pulled in another $17 million in ticket sales on Friday and is projected to hit $55.9 million for the weekend, according to Variety. This comes after the movie's historic $118 million-grossing opening weekend and adds to the $167 million it earned during its first six days in theaters.

These numbers are is far and ahead of the closest contender, Annabell Comes Home, which finishes at 19.2 million finish for the weekend. Although Annabell Comes Home hit the $30 million estimated by critics for its six-day total, it's still the worst opening for the Conjuring franchise.

This weekend's third slot goes to premiering film Yesterday. The Universal project exceeded the $6 million it was expected to total, bringing in $16.7 million in the domestic box office.

One of the weekend's bigger stories is the re-release of Marvel's Avengers: Endgame with added scenes. The movie generated close to $2 million on Friday and finished in seventh place.