New Secret Discovered in Original "Super Mario Bros."

A gamer discovered a glitch in the original "Super Mario Bros." that unlocks a helpful new secret to the game.

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Fans of the original Super Mario Bros. have potentially received a special treat today: a newly-discovered glitch in the title that allows users to rack up an endless number of free lives. Yesterday, RetroCollect published a post discussing a video that was recently published on YouTube. You can watch said video above. 

In the clip, we see Mario and Luigi trading off turns in a few levels of the first Super Mario Bros. title. Using a well-known secret, the gamer is able to quickly take Luigi into the fifth world of the game, wherein he is promptly clubbed by a Hammer Bro. However, if you'll notice, Luigi was on a beanstalk when he was killed. When he respawns as Mario, the same beanstalk appears with him, giving him a distinct advantage over the black-shelled turtles running back-and-forth below. RetroCollect describes it in greater detail below: 


However, there is a slight catch with this new glitch. Beyond the video posted on YouTube, this secret remains unverified, causing some to believe that it may be too good to be true. After all, Super Mario Bros. has been out since 1985. Are we really supposed to believe that someone wouldn't have stumbled upon this by now? 

Surely there will be gamers who perform their own run-throughs of the game in order to test this possible pay-off. If any verification is posted, we'll be sure to update you with the news. 

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