Petition Looks to Correct ‘Absolute Injustice’ of ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Card Game Not Being an Olympic Sport

A new petition has been launched requesting that the 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' trading card game be turned into an official sport of the Olympics.

Participants of the German Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Championships

Image via Getty/Picture Alliance

Participants of the German Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Championships

In an effort that can be considered both timely and doomed from the start, a petition has been launched requesting that the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game be made into an official sport of the Olympics.

The idea was uploaded to by YouTuber Xiran Jay Zhao, with Zhao calling the fact that this hasn’t already happened an “injustice.” 

“It is an absolute injustice that the game of Yugioh: The Trading Card Game is not a legitimate sport in the Olympics,” the petition contends. “The playing of Yugioh requires dexterity (when drawing the cards), athleticism (when playing the cards), and endurance (when you’re in round 10 of a YCS). I now call on the International Olympic Committee to add Yugioh as an official Olympic sport to both mend this injustice and to apologize to Japan for making them go through with the 2020 Tokyo games.”

Note the athletes above.

The initial goal was set at 5,000 signatures, but it’s blown way past that. It’s now looking for 10,000, a figure it will likely soon exceed. At the moment of this writing the total sits at 8,270, well short of getting International Olympic Committee attention, but everybody’s gotta start somewhere. 

You can find the campaign at and, if you believe in the cause strongly enough to agree to get occasional emails from the website, feel free to sign.

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