Could This Jimmy Fallon 'Humannequins' Skit Be The Next Mannequin Challenge?

Watch Jimmy Fallon, Queen Latifah, Fred Armisen and Wanye Coyne play "Humannequins."

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On Tuesday night, alongside Queen Latifah, Fred Armisen, and lead singer of The Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne,  Jimmy Fallon debuted a new game, Humannequins. The concept is simple enough. Basically it's like charades, but instead of you awkwardly acting out whatever clue it says on the card, another person comes in and positions your body parts to illustrate the person, place or thing you're supposed to depict.

I had a music teacher do this to me and my classmates in grade school, and while that guy was making peanuts while simultaneously skating the lines of what is and isn't appropriate for an adult to do with children, Jimmy Fallon is making a million dollars off the idea while acting it out with fellow celebrities. Some people just continue to win in life.

The vid is well worth your time, if only to see the discomfort that ensues when the host tries to force Armisen onto his knees. Let's face it, if you clicked on it, you're already interested enough to watch. We don't need to convince you.

Anyway Humannequins seems like an inexpensive (and kind of hot) way to entertain guests if you're ever hosting a get together that's in a bind, especially if you're all drunk. So ask yourself, could this be the next Mannequin Challenge? I don't know, dude. Fads are almost impossible to predict. Get in on it early and see if it catches on, or risk being late to the party. As always with stuff like this, it's your call.

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