A Docuseries on the Disaster That Was Fyre Festival Is Coming to Hulu

A docuseries on 2017's doomed Fyre Festival is coming to Hulu next year.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Hulu is set to stream a docuseries based on the luxury-music-festival-gone-to-complete-shit that was Fyre Festival. This particular docuseries will be developed by Billboard, Mic, and the Cinemart, and is currently scheduled for a release in 2019.

The as-yet-titled series will reportedly delve into what went on behind-the-scenes, while also reporting on the current investigation into the failed event. In order to gather as much info on what went wrong as possible, the documentary's filmmakers will talk to local Bahamians, Fyre Festival ticket holders who found themselves stranded, investors, and vendors. It will also feature "hours of exclusive never-before-seen footage, leaked documents, emails and recordings."

As you're probably aware, Fyre Festival was originally intended to take place over a pair of weekends in April/May 2017. The ultimately doomed event was developed by 25-year-old entrepreneur Billy McFarland, as well as Ja Rule, and included promotion from both Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, among other celebrities. As the festival drew closer, it became obvious that false advertising had taken place and the event's musical roster pulled out. Lawsuits that exceeded $100 million in damages were filed against McFarland and Ja Rule, and later in 2017 McFarland was indicted for wire fraud, which he eventually pleaded guilty to.


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