Angela Lansbury Ignites Backlash With Comments on Sexual Harassment

The 92-year-old actress Angela Lansbury sparks backlash with her comments on sexual harassment/assault.

Angela Lansbury

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Angela Lansbury

There are pretty much two reasons why a 92-year-old celebrity would trend on Twitter. Either that celebrity said something that sparked public outrage, or they bought the farm. With Angela Lansbury it's the former (at this point in the day, anyway).

Lansbury's comments that brought about the unenviable listing on the side of the Twitter screen came during an interview she gave to the Radio Times, where she spoke on the string of famous person sexual misconduct stories that have come out since Harvey Weinstein'smany alleged transgressions were put on public record.

"There are two sides to this coin. We have to own up to the fact that women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately it has backfired on us—and this is where we are today," Lansbury said. "We must sometimes take blame, women. I really do think that. Although it’s awful to say we can’t make ourselves look as attractive as possible without being knocked down and raped."

While that's not exactly an enlightened outlook on life (she's 92) that last sentence would suggest she hedged a bit. Indeed, she went on: "Should women be prepared for this? No, they shouldn’t have to be. There’s no excuse for that. And I think it will stop now—it will have to. I think a lot of men must be very worried at this point.”

Yes, Angela Lansbury said that, but also this. Clickbait heds are part of the problem.

— Sam Adams (@SamuelAAdams) November 28, 2017

Regardless of that she got dragged, though it's unclear if she's even aware because she doesn't seem to have a Twitter account because, again, she's 92.

Angela Lansbury went 92 years without being controversial but decided victim-blaming was the opinion to throw herself under the bus over.

— Hanna Ines Flint (@HannaFlint) November 28, 2017

[sees Angela Lansbury trending]
Oh my god, did she die???

[sees why Angela Lansbury is trending]
Ok, so as far as I’m concerned, yes she did.

— The Volatile Mermaid (@OhNoSheTwitnt) November 28, 2017

Angela Lansbury is cancelled

— Julia Macfarlane 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇩 (@juliamacfarlane) November 28, 2017

Oh, Angela Lansbury.

No, girl. Just no.

1) Rapists don't rape because of the way we dress. They rape to exert power over women. It has nothing to do with how we look.

2) It's never the woman's fault. Never.

3) I agree that "men must be very worried".

— Holly Figueroa O'Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) November 28, 2017

Guys, let's not forget that Angela Lansbury is 92. What 92 doesn't say some inappropriate shit at times? No need to burn her DVDs...

— Henry (@henweb) November 28, 2017

Angela Lansbury is a 92 year old woman

She was raised with very different ideas in VERY different times.

90% of grandparents would turn around and say EXACTLY the same thing.

Use our young voices to champion change, not attack an OAP for a generational gap

— Sammy Albon (@SammyAlbon) November 28, 2017

Leave Angela Lansbury alone. (Yes, what she said was offensive and unhelpful. Still. Leave *92-year-old* Angela Lansbury alone. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go listen to the original Broadway cast recording of Mame.)

— Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) November 28, 2017

Lord almighty are we REALLY going to rake 92-year-old acting legend Angela Lansbury over the coals for not having *precisely* the right take for the Twitter Junior Varsity Intersectionality & Allyship Police? Include me OUT.

— Farran Nehme (@selfstyledsiren) November 28, 2017

At some point the world passes you by and outdated concepts die out. Here's some people who seem to have kept that in mind:

Decide which side you want to be on. Though I would suggest not boiling otherwise complex people's entire careers down to their most regrettable quotes.

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