Machete Will Kill Baddies in Space

Actor Danny Trejo says 'Machete Kills' is getting an intergalatic sequel.

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You might think a movie in which Charlie Sheen plays the President of the United States can only do so well at the box office — but director Robert Rodriguez has been able to build a franchise. With explosive gags and a deeply tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, his absurdist Machete (2010) got a sequel, Machete Kills (2013). Now, it's getting another: Machete Kills Again... In Space

That ellipsis is meant to make you laugh as much as it's meant to make you pause. Machete is a story about a blade-wiedling ex-Federale (played by Danny Trejo) who fights evil Mexican revolutionaries and rocks a black leather vest — what's he doing in space? Well, killing evil interstellar revolutionaries, duh!

We were first introduced to Machete in Grindhouse as a spoof trailer. When Rodriguez decided to make a movie, it was star-studded. In Machete KillsMichelle Rodriguez did a lot of scowling, Sofia Vergara ran a brothel and an army of ladies of the night, Lady Gaga played Machete's old flame, La Chameleón, and Cuba Gooding, Jr., her male counterpart, El Chameleón. 

No plot details have been released at this time, but considering the first two, it will probably be ridiculous? And maybe funny? Okay, definitely funny, but very ridiculous.

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