'Indiana Jones 5' Is Happening

Disney confirms a new Indiana Jones movie is in the works.

Image via Universal

Since Disney bought Lucasfilm, the media empire has gone full-steam ahead with a new series of Star Wars films, launching Star Wars: The Force Awakens this year and promising one new movie every year after that. Now, Collider reports that Disney is taking on another Lucasfilm franchise, Indiana Jones, and that a new Indy movie is in early development. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy confirmed as much, though no script has been written for it at this time. 

Collider explains about the next Indiana Jones movie might look like:

Rumors have swirled about an Indiana Jones sequel for a long time now, and indeed in late 2013 Disney gave a timetable of “at least two to three years.” Word has picked up in recent months, with the latest rumor claiming that Steven Spielberg is interested in directing an Indiana Jones reboot starring Chris Pratt. That’s far from confirmed, and as Kennedy points out, the first order of business is putting together a script. ... Whatever the case, Indiana Jones 5 and/or an Indiana Jones reboot is definitely on the horizon; it just may be a while before we see it come to fruition.

Chris Pratt as the new Indian Jones? We're intrigued.

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