Tracy Morgan Draws Standing Ovation in Surprise Emmys Appearance

The Emmys ended with an emotionally charged return from Tracy Morgan.

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Just when we thought theEmmys were done with tearjerker moments after Jon Hamm's long overdue win and Viola Davis' emotionally charged speech, Tracy freaking Morgan strode out to deliver the final award and received a most appropriate standing ovation.

Aside from his interview on The Today Show, tonight marked Tracy Morgan's first public appearance since the near-fatal June 2014 car crash that left him in a coma and subsequently in very bad shape for the remainder of that year. Before getting to the nominees Tracy gave a speech, humbled not only by the crowd's reaction to him—"I missed you guys so much"—but also by the outpouring of love and support that he's received since the accident. While admitting that he only recently has started to "feel like himself again," he also proved he hasn't lost a step, injecting his trademark humor into the speech: "When I finally regained consciousness I was just ecstatic to learn that...I wasn't the one who messed up." And of course, he ended with a trademark pregnant joke. Welcome back, Tracy. Next up, SNL. Watch the full speech below (just hit stop before Game of Thrones wins Best Drama for its weakest season, lol).

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