Tracy Morgan appeared on the Today Show this morning to give his first interview since the actor was involved in a terrible car accident last summer, one which fatally wounded his friend and fellow comedian James "Jimmy Mack" McNair. News that Morgan would be speaking out in an interview first came out last week. 

On the Today Show, Morgan gave us a glimpse of his recovery, and his thoughts on the recent settlement reached with Wal-Mart. Via the Hollywood Reporter:

Appearing live on Monday's Today, Morgan looked much like he did before the accident, apart from the cane he was carrying. [...] As for his recovery, Morgan said he has good days and bad days, times when he forgets things and has headaches and nosebleeds.

Although he says he can't remember the accident itself, Morgan seemed grateful to have survived. [...] 

"My goal is just to heal and get better," Morgan said. "I'm not 100 percent. When I'm there, you'll know it, and I'll make you laugh."

"The case is settled but the pain is always going to be there for Jimmy Mack," he added, referring to his recent settlement with Walmart over the crash.

Morgan also said that he watched YouTube video of the accident every day after he came out of his coma. Although he says he cannot remember the accident, he remembers seeing McNair laughing during his comedy set in Delaware before the car crash.

Morgan also talked about his settlement with Wal-Mart: "I'm happy Walmart stepped up to the plate in a big way and they took full responsibility. I'm happy they took care of Jimmy Mack's family."

Watch the full interview below.