Summer is drawing to a close and the staples of the fall season loom: kids going back to school, leaves changing, and another, sure-to-be-lukewarm-at-best season of Saturday Night Live. Indeed, the show is borderline washed at this point, but the first round of hosts has been released, and, thankfully, it's fighting the Spin Cycle with buzzworthy stars. First up is Miley Cyrus, followed by Amy Schumer​. And while the two It Girls will likely turn in entertaining episodes, the third host is the real treat.

Tracy Morgan will take the reins on the October 17 episode, and it's a big deal considering his near-fatal car crash last June left him in bad shape for the remainder of 2014. To recap, a Wal-Mart tractor trailer struck Morgan's vehicle, killing one of his friends and leaving Morgan in a coma for two weeks, using wheelchairs and canes for assistance after and requiring treatment for traumatic brain injury. October's SNL will mark his first time "back at work" so to say since the accident; as a veteran of the show and a beloved comic overall, it will definitely be an emotionally-charged (and hopefully, very funny) episode. Here's hoping for a Brian Fellows encore.

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