'Bandersnatch' Was So Complex That It Delayed Release of 'Black Mirror' Season 5

Netflix and 'Black Mirror' creator Charlie Brooker explains how 'Bandersnatch' delayed the production of its upcoming season.

Charlie Brooker attends the FYSEE event for Netflix's 'Black Mirror'

Image via Getty/JB Lacroix

Charlie Brooker attends the FYSEE event for Netflix's 'Black Mirror'

On Dec. 28, Netflix and Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker amazed viewers with their interactive thriller, Bandersnatch. This press and play film is a welcome addition to the Black Mirror series that captivated audiences with its futuristic horror. Yet because of Bandersnatch's innovative features, the heads behind the award-winning series revealed that the premiere of the show's highly anticipated fifth season has now been delayed.

This setback was made news through The Hollywood Reporter's in-depth piece on the creation of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. In the article, the publication detailed how the project took close to two years to create and resulted in the invention of an in-house storytelling tool called Branch Manager.

"We had to learn a new way of filmmaking, editorially and production-wise," producer Annabel Jones told THR. "It’s a whole new approach that challenged every department."

This technological discovery required an "enormous" amount of attention that led to a delay in the production of the Black Mirror's upcoming season. But because Netflix will benefit from Branch Manager, the streaming service has not put the creators on a strict timetable or placed a definitive return date for Black Mirror. 

Although more information on the traditional episodes of Black Mirror is unknown, Netflix and the show's creators are confident that the fanfare surrounding Bandersnatch will keep fans entertained. Many fans have disregarded Jones' claim that there are only five endings and have embarked on a never-ending quest to find all of Bandersnatch's hidden Easter eggs and alternate outcomes, making the film that opened to little promotion a cultural craze. 

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