Canadian Man Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling 182 Pounds of Xanax on a Sled

The haul was worth $1.6 million.

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A Canadian man is in a Vt. jail after federal authorities arrested him for allegedly using a sled to smuggle 182 pounds of Xanax across the U.S. borders.

The U.S. Attorney’s office confirmed in court papers that Cedrick Bourgault-Morin was arrested on Wednesday morning after he used a railroad line to cross the border of Quebec into Vt.

The 21-year-old was wearing white camouflage clothing, according to prosecutors. He triggered an alarm, which alerted Border Patrol.

U.S. Border Patrol Agent-in-Charge Fernando Beltran told the Newport Dispatch News that this arrest is "a great example of some of the training and unique skills our agents use to perform their border security mission."

"I commend these agents for their continued vigilance in tracking criminals, and for seizing harmful drugs before they get into our communities," he said.

A criminal complaint noted that the "sled contained one large duffel bag wrapped in white camouflage." The 300 bags of Xanax are estimated to be worth $1.6 million, according to court papers obtained by the Burlington Free Press.

Bourgault-Morin, who isn't an English speaker, appeared in federal court on Thursday, but did not enter a plea.

It is unclear where the suspect planned to take the drugs.

In court papers requesting the denial of bail, assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Ophardt wrote that, "The circumstances of his offense indicate he had the assistance of co-conspirators on the Canadian side of the border, and he was anticipating assistance of co-conspirators on the American side of the border."

If convicted, Bourgault-Morin faces five years in prison. He could also be fined $250,000.

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