Everything We Learned From Stormy Daniels' '60 Minutes' Interview

The adult film star sat down for a revealing interview about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Stormy Daniels sat down with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes for the adult film star's first television interview about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

The interview comes after Daniels sued Trump and claimed that the president never actually signed a non-disclosure "hush agreement" about their 2006 affair, which was supposed to keep her quiet about the details of their relationship. Trump's lawyers reportedly attempted to stop the 60 Minutes interview from airing after it initially took place in early March and have threatened that Daniels will need to pay $1 million each time she violates her agreement to stay silent. CBS ended up running the special on Sunday evening, anyway. Here's everything we learned from the conversation.

The Details of Their First Encounter

stormy daniels joe raedle

Daniels Says She Wasn't Physically Attracted to Trump, But It Was Consensual

stormy daniels getty ethan miller

Trump Didn't Tell Daniels to Keep Their Affair a Secret at the Time

donald trump white house march 2018 getty nurphoto

Daniels Saw the Whole Thing as a 'Business Deal'

stormy daniels getty gabe ginsberg

They Only Had Sex Once, But Trump Wanted More

donald trump getty mandel ngan

Daniels Says She Was Threatened by a Man In Las Vegas Who Said "Leave Trump Alone"

stormy daniels getty joe raedle

Daniels Repeatedly Turned Down Large Sums of Money to Tell Her Story

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The $130,000 Payment From Trump's Lawyer to Daniels is Creating a Legal Mess for the President

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Daniels Says She Initially Denied the Affair Because She Felt Intimidated and Bullied

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