Sex worker Stormy Daniels isn't afraid of speaking to the media. Over the years, she's spoken to a wide range of publications, including the times she has denied having a sexual relationship with Donald Trump prior to his presidency.

However, according to The Hill, Donald Trump's attorneys are pushing to censor a recent interview with Stormy Daniels—whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford—on 60 Minutes. The date of the episode featuring her interview is currently unknown, but we know one thing for sure: it won't be aired tonight.

Trump attorney Michael Avenatti announced the interview through a tweet on Thursday afternoon.

Then, on Saturday night, a source informed Buzzfeed News that the President's lawyers intended to file a legal injunction to prevent the episode from airing.

Avenatti isn't the only one on Trump's legal team making headlines. Additionally, Trump attorney Michael C. Cohen admits to compensating Daniels $130,000 without ever being reimbursed by the Trump Organization.

This news follows Daniels' recently filed lawsuit against Trump on Tuesday. The case was presented because Trump never signed a non-disclosure "hush agreement" following their alleged relationship back in 2006. One question we still have, though, Stormy: what about the dress?