Sex with Animals Is Still Not Illegal in Ohio, For Now

Ohio is taking steps to making bestiality illegal.

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It's 2016 and bestiality is still legal in certain parts of the United States of America—11 states actually. But hopefully things are about change in at least one of them.

Two Ohio lawmakers are trying to push a bill that would make it illegal for people to have any sort of sexual contact with animals. Not only this, but under the bill you can't promote this sort of content or purchase an animal with the intent of having sex with it either. These things seem like givens, but I guess it's important to be thorough. 

According to Cincinnati's WCPO, executive director for the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association John Murphy stated that while a law already exists that punishes animal cruelty, the bill needs to be more specific—for god knows what reason—in including sexual conduct as a crime as well. 

"The existing animal cruelty statutes would not apply to all acts outlawed by this bill," Murphy said. "This is especially true if there is no known harm to the animal."

In addition to it being just downright awful and disgusting, WCPO also spoke with Jeremy Hoffman, a Fairfax County police detective who revealed that in his years working he's noticed that many of the child pornographers he arrests also happen to have photos depicting bestiality as well. 

"I realized that much like those in our society who choose to abuse children, those who sexually abuse animals lack any semblance of a moral compass; they lack any sense of sexual boundaries," Hoffman revealed.

If the bill does become a law, bestiality would be considered a misdemeanor (light, if you ask me) and the person committing the crime would not only have to be psychologically evaluated, but would have to give up their rights to the abused animal. 

If there are any people who object to this becoming law, well, I don't know what to say.

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