Not-so-smart thieves in Portland (and not Florida for once) swiped a python from a pet store. Besides being caught on camera and being easily identifiable—the thief's accomplice has blue hair—the thief actually put the python down his pants. 

The snake was stolen on Friday at A to Z Pets owned by Christin Bjugan. The surveillance footage, which Bjugan reviewed on Saturday(after getting a call about the theft) and showed to FOX12, shows a man walking to the back of the store to where the python was kept. There he is seen taking the python out of a tank and putting it down the front of his pants. The $200 black pastel ball 2-foot python is described by FOX12 as one of Bjugan's "rarest reptiles." Bjugan said she had seen the man in the store before but not the woman accomplice who he's seen handing car keys to on camera. 

"He's lucky it wasn't feeding day," a laughing Bjugan told FOX 12. "Feeding days are on Mondays. And they're very hungry." Now that's what we call dumb luck.