New Infrared Camera Concept Can Determine if You're Drunk

This camera can determine if you had one too many.

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We all know of myths that allow you to beat a breathalyzer test. But breathalyzer tests may become obsolete thanks to a new thermal-imaging camera concept. A paper was recently published in the International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics describing two algorithms which can analyze your face to determine if you are drunk or sober. 

Alcohol causes blood-vessel dilation, so the first algorithm uses a thermal-image scan to compare the subjects face against other drunk and sober individuals. Being that this algorithm could provide flawed information due to outside factors like the environment, computer scientists Georgia Koukiou and Vassilis Anastassopoulos of the University of Patras in Greece added another algorithm which would help provide better data for public drunkenness. The second algorithm maps out and analyzes particular places of the face. While under the influence, according to the study, the nose tends to be warmer but the forehead remains cooler. 

The papers promotes how these two algorithms could help avoid unwarranted interactions between civilians and police officers. Imagine if these cameras were required after attending a bar or night club?  Nationwide drop of drunk driving incidents. I know cab drivers would rejoice if this camera is developed and distributed.  

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