Seriously? A Live Action "Dumbo" Movie?

We wish we were kidding, but there is a live-action "Dumbo" film in the works.

Until today, the phrase “I can’t even” seemed a little tired and lazy to use in a civilized forum such as this one. You can’t even…what, exactly? It doesn’t mean anything.

But now that word has come out that a live action Dumbo movie is in the works…I mean…I can’t even.

It was bad enough when they made Scooby Doo. Twice. Then decided recently to reboot the franchise. Now they’re going to take one of the most beloved staples of childhood cinema and do the same thing? Have you no shame?

Memo to Hollywood: we already had this movie, it was called Operation Dumbo Drop. It wasn’t good.

With Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast already in the works, though, we guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised that Dumbo is next. At least they’re getting someone who knows how to gracefully handle these CG-human movies and can at least make it passable...

...Wait, the writer is the same guy who wrote the original Transformers? OK, we give up.

[via Indiewire]

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