Sarah Silverman Joining the Cast of "Masters of Sex"

What role will comedian Sarah Silverman be playing when she joins the cast of Showtime's "Masters of Sex" this season?

Not Available Lead
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Not Available Lead

It looks like Masters of Sex will be getting a new, shall we say unfiltered addition when its second season premieres in July.

Comedian Sarah Silverman—best known for her willingness to say pretty much anything on stage—will be joining the show as a recurring guest star known as “Helen.” No details have emerged yet regarding what this Helen will be doing and how she’ll relate to Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen’s characters, but knowing Silverman and Showtime, she’ll probably at least be saying a few bad words.

For those who have not seen it, Masters of Sex is a historically-based drama following the lives of William Masters (Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Caplan), human sexuality researchers performing extraordinarily influential work and who also have very interesting personal lives.

Silverman has done plenty of television work before, starring in the three season run of The Sarah Silverman Program and appearing on the most recent season of Louie. She even won an Emmy in 2008 for her video “I’m f****** Matt Damon,” which aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

With pedigree like that, it’s a certainty that if nothing else Silverman’s run should be memorable.

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