Eddie Murphy Might Do Stand-Up Again

What is it going to take to get Eddie Murphy to do stand-up again? Now we know.

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Stop what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter what it is. Eddie Murphy’s potential return to stand-up comedy is worth your undivided attention.

Before catastrophes like Pluto Nash and Tower Heist ruined him for an entire generation of people, Murphy was a brilliant stand-up comedian with seemingly endless success in front of him. Then all of a sudden, he abandoned his roots and settled into a sad career of cranking out horrible movies.

Who could have predicted that it would actually be reggae music that might get Eddie back into stand-up, 25 years after he stopped. Murphy has made a whole album of reggae music, but thus far has only dropped one track. It’s called “Oh Ja Ja,” and it’s…well…just listen:

Here’s the twist, though. Murphy had the following to say to Rolling Stone when asked if he’d ever perform music live:

"You know what, if I drop one of these tracks and it jumped off, I would go out and do some shit. My fantasy I always be having when I think about getting onstage is to do everything. If I came back and did stand-up again, I can't just be like the other stand[-]up comics. To have a real hot band, play some tracks for about 40 minutes, the curtain drops and then you do an hour of jokes? That's a unique-ass show. [Laughs] That's the ultimate vision."

That’s right. If his reggae career goes well, he’ll do standup again. As a lover of entertainment, it’s now your job to listen to “Oh Ja Ja” on repeat until you love it. Then, and only then, can we get Eddie back where he belongs.

[via Vulture]

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