Imminent NYC Blizzard Spawns Craigslist Cuffing

New Yorkers have loaded craigslist with personal ads seeking companionship during today and tomorrow's blizzard.

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As Winter Storm Juno bears down on the east coast, some single New Yorkers have prepared by stocking up on essential supplies like food, water, and warm clothes. Others have taken a different route: heading to the Internet looking for some companionship during the next 24-36 hours.

The craigslist personals are loaded with people looking for “Blizzard Buddies,” with ads ranging from the innocuous “Walk and talk in the snow?” to the more overt “SNOW SEX!!!” You have to applaud the effort, while at least hoping that they've already taken care of the other simple tasks important for one's survival in cases of extreme weather.

Assuming they've done all that, we say go for it. It may not lead to a loving, committed relationship, and there’s a reasonable chance you might get murdered. But hey, at least you won’t be lonely!

[via Business Insider]

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