"Ant-Man" Script Being Rewritten Again

There's more drama from the "Ant-Man" production, as the script is now being rewritten yet again.

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Another week, another twist in the production drama surrounding Marvel’s Ant-Man. This one is not as juicy as when director Edgar Wright left the film, but still signifies that the turbulence surrounding this snakebitten production simply will not end.

After Wright and Joe Cornish’s script was revised by Adam McKay and new director Peyton Reed, it appears that Marvel still isn’t quite satisfied with where things stand. As a result, they’re reportedly bringing in Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer to make further revisions, and to serve as production writers during the shoot.

The movie is just over a year away from its scheduled release date, so it seems like we’ll be embroiled in one controversy or another surrounding Ant-Man for at least 365 more days.

[via Indiewire]

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