Disney Boss Confirms Chewbacca's Origin Story Will Be Told in Han Solo Spin-Off

Chewy's origins will be explored in 'Star Wars' spin-off.

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Star Wars fans looking to get more of the dearly beloved Han Solo will be treated to a forthcoming Solo spin-off (try saying that five times fast) featuring the origins of a young Han Solo. No announcement has been made about who has been cast for the legendary role, but last anyone heard Miles Teller (currently co-starring in The Divergent Series) and Dave Franco (Neighbors) were some of the young blood considered to step into the shoes of young Han Solo. But Solo isn't the only iconic character appearing in the spin-off, Disney brass confirmed Chewbacca will be featured.

Disney CEO Bob Iger not only confirmed Chewbacca would be featured, but added that Chewy's origin story would also be a part of the spin-off, which will be released in 2018. Collider reports citing The Wrap that Iger broke the news while discussing the other planned spin-off​ Star Wars:Rogue One.  

"Rogue One…is about a band of rebels plotting to steal the plans to the Death Star. It takes place right before George Lucas's first film, which came out in 1977 and is now called The New Hope," said Iger. "We have others in the works, including one, which is an origin story about Han Solo and Chewy. And that'll come after Star Wars 8 in 2018. And then there will possibly more thereafter."

Rogue One, Colliderwrites, is about a, "band of resistance fighters [who] unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans." Starring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker, and more, Rogue One premieres later this year on Dec. 16.

As for the Solo film—untitled as of now—Phil Lord and Chris Miller (a.k.a your favorite people ever who brought you both 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie) will direct. 

If you thought Star Wars: The Force Awakens was nostalgia inducing imagine what feelings seeing Solo and Chewy meet for the first time is going to illicit. 

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