You've Been Duped: "Ship Your Enemies Glitter" Was a Publicity Stunt

Jokes on us.

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In what is the biggest publicity stunt since Winter Storm Juno, the crafty revenge service,—which last week reportedly sold for $85,000—turns out to be part of one 22-year-old's marketing ploy. You can stop plotting your revenge now. 

Site founder/evil genius Matthew Carpenter came clean and told BetaBeat: 

“My New Year’s resolution was to work on more side projects to keep me occupied whilst improving my marketing & development skills.” Carpenter continued, “I knew that if the story blew up on websites such as Reddit & Product Hunt that it would be a success.”

Yes, he faked freaking out about the site's success to create more hype:



No, he didn’t actually sell his site for a hefty check. But you can continue to self-loathe as you kick yourself for not thinking of a stunt like this while you continue to fix your busted resume. 

[via TIME]

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