Matthew Carpenter, the 22-year-old behind, has turned regret into $85,000. The website sold for five figures Thursday, with bids jumping $15,000 within the last few hours. 

Quickly after his website went viral last week, Carpenter expressed remorse for unleashing glitter bombs on a world eager for revenge. He begged people to stop ordering his evil product before smartening up and putting his site up for sale on Flippa

In the first four days Carpenter says the website brought in $20,000 in orders and 2.5 million visitors. Whoever bought the website must be confident in that popularity lasting, but we're not so sure. Despite the sheer genius and hilarity, glitter bombs could easily escape our thoughts (and wallets) as quickly as they got there. If/when that happens, Carpenter will look like a genius once again for taking his money and dipping. 

[via Guardian]