"Weed Dick" Exists and It's Just as Bad as "Whiskey Dick"

Now you have "whiskey dick" and "weed dick" to worry about.

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Researchers have already pointed out that weed isn’t bad for you *praying hands emoji*—but new research shows that may not be the case, at least when it comes to your sex life. Marijuana may actually be a boner killer. 

Past survey studies have concluded marijuana benefits sexual performance, with guys reporting that it helped increase sexual stamina. But as Justin Lehmiller, PhD, a sex educator and researcher at Ball State University says, the men may have just thought the sexual encounter was longer since they were high, but it might not have been.

Biomedical researchers have since begun to conduct specific research to study how marijuana effects erectile dysfunction and it turns out weed can make it harder for an erection to happen. 

Likewise, studies done on animals have shown that cannabis has “inhibitory effects” on the receptors in the penis’s erectile tissue. It’s possible this is the same case for humans, although similar research hasn’t been done on humans yet because of ethical issues. Previous research has also shown that people who consume marijuana daily are three times as likely to suffer erectile dysfunction compared to people who are non-users. 

However, Lehmiller questions the studies, citing that researchers have said the amount of marijuana consumed is important when studying the effects of it. So if someone consumes a small amount of marijuana the “inhibitory effects” shouldn’t be too bad. He also adds that other factors that must be considered are how different cannabis strains produce different effects and how sensitive people are to cannabis, in addition to people’s reactions to marijuana (sleepy, paranoid etc.) when studying how marijuana can effect erectile dysfunction.

Lehmiller does speculate that sexual performance may even be enhanced with small amounts of marijuana since the drug lowers inhibitions and “stimulates desire,” although ultimately he concludes more research needs to be done. 

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