On Thursday, Oregon started allowing marijuana shops to sell the green stuff to anyone over the age of 21. This makes them the third state to allow such sales, which is certainly something worth celebrating. As joyous an occasion as this may be, don't let the victory vibes inspire you to forget that a vast majority of these United States are nowhere near as lucky.

More than 250 of your fine state's stores that were previously only selling medical marijuana to people with approved health problems opened their doors to the general public at the start of October, according to the Associated Press. Current sales do come with a set of temporary restrictions, including the absence of cookies and oils, but those setbacks are expected to disappear in the coming months. Though this puts you in the esteemed company of Washington and Colorado, you possess the bragworthy distinction of being the first state to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of weed in 1973. Excellent work! Thankfully, you're not shy about this brag:

With Alaska on pace to start their own sales in 2016, advocates for the continued legalization of weed have now targeted six states ahead of pertinent 2015 and 2016 elections: California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Ohio, Nevada and Maine. So when you're rolling up historic blunts today in Oregon, don't forget to take a hit or two for all the states less fortunate than you.