Priest Suspended for Hoverboarding During Christmas Eve Mass

Church suspends priest who rode a hoverboard during Christmas eve mass.

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Christmas and the holiday weekend brought us more hoverboard fails than it did stocking stuffers sadly. Here is another holiday hoverboard fail to add to the batch. Unlike other fails this one may be the holiest but also the most sinful (not in that way) since it involves a priest hoverboarding his way through a Christmas eve mass. 

The Sun Times Network reported Tuesday citing Rappler that the Diocese of San Pablo suspended a priest in the Phillippines, who has not been named, for riding a hoverboard during a midnight mass on Christmas eve. A two-minute long video of the incident shows the priest singing and rolling up and down the church pews effortlessly without falling. Churchgoers seem largely unbothered with one even joking with the priest, playfully hitting him on the arm. At one point they even give him a round of applause after he begins to do some spins. 

The San Pablo diocese released a statement saying the priest "will be out of the parish and will spend some time to reflect on this past event. He would like to apologize for what happened." According to the diocese the suspension was a "wake up call" and he has since admitted he was wrong and has said he won't do it again. 

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