In what is perhaps the greatest battle of our or any other time, this dear planet has been divided into two wildly disparate groups: Those who know what the word 'hover' means, and those who obviously have no idea. As a result, your local mall is probably laced with kiosks pushing so-called hoverboards despite the fact that they do in fact not hover. Just so we’re clear, let’s dial up our good friend Google to see if the word 'hover' has miraculously changed its meaning in the wake of the Back to the Future anniversary:

Interesting. At any rate, plenty of people are spending plenty of money on these non-hovering hoverboards, particularly over the holiday season, which thankfully means the internet is currently being inundated with a wide variety of well-documented karma in the form of inarguable fails. We’ve compiled a generous sampling of the best and/or worst non-hovering hoverboard holiday fails of 2015, in no particular order:

You're welcome.