Lindsay Lohan's Running for President in 2020

Kanye's got his first opponent.

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People have been excited about the possibility of having the first woman president in the United States, but what if we told you there’s already a possibility of a second woman president?Lindsay Lohan, former Spring Fling queen, plans on getting the peoples vote again in 2020 when she runs for president. 

LiLo, already more in tune with the coveted young voter demographic than previous politicos, made the announcement on her Instagram tonight saying, “In #2020 I may run for president.” In the flashback Friday post where Lohan’s pictured at the 2012 White House Correspondent’s Dinner she shouted out her future opponent Kanye West and thanked current POTUS Barack Obama for “inspiring us to be better people.” To prove her bid was serious she explained some of her presidential plans to potential voters in a second post where she appears in a throwback photo with Ye, writing, “The first thing I would like to do as president…is take care of all of the children suffering in the world.”

LiLo’s comeback started earlier this year when she finished her community service and got off probation. Perhaps this was her endgame all along #LiLo4Prez.  

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