Trump Somehow Found a Hispanic Woman Who Loves Him

Donald Trump has got this hispanic's vote.

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It would be easy to say that Donald Trump, who’s barely leading the GOP race according to a new poll, paid this euphoric Hispanic woman to fan out at his Las Vegas rally yesterday—especially since he reportedly paid actors to fill his presidential announcement, and probably paid that one audience member who went on stage to prove Trump’s hair was real. But the likelihood is that this Colombian woman, like a close friend of mine (who also happens to be Colombian), honestly and wholeheartedly supports Trump despite him calling Mexicans rapists, his plans to build a wall to keep immigrants out, and last but not least, his plans to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S.. That makes her screaming,“I'm Hispanic and I vote for Mr. Trump!” all the scarier.

The woman, Myriam Witcher, who was brought on stage by Trump, screamed in excitement that Hispanics vote for “Mr. Trump” and that they love him. “All the way to the White House!” she screamed. After kissing Witcher several times,Trump swore that he had never met the “beautiful” woman before. The Trump superfan’s unbelievable behavior continued when she spoke to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin. Witcher explained why she feverishly supported the GOP candidate saying, 

“He is our man sent from heaven. He is a very very beautiful human being. Beautiful heart. A lot of love and compassion.”

Baldwin, who became more dumbfounded with each praise Witcher heaped asked Witcher if she had met Trump before the rally, to which she responded “only in my dreams,” before going into a story that she had dreamt she hugged him three days before the rally took place and wrote about her dream on Facebook. Baldwin then asked if maybe someone from his camp saw her status and reached out to her, but Witcher said no. When asked how she felt about Trump’s comments and everything I previously mentioned she said it didn’t bother her at all because he was “100 percent right.” “He’s our perfect man. He’s my perfect man,” said Witcher. 

Watch Witcher's CNN interview below.

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[via CNN

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