Michael B. Jordan Shares the Way He Was ‘Lucky Enough’ to Recover From Lori Harvey Breakup

During an interview with Gayle King on 'CBS Mornings,' the 'Creed' star/director spoke about recovering from his split with Lori Harvey last June.

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Michael B. Jordan is talking candidly about how he was able to move on from Lori Harvey after their June split. 

While appearing on CBS Mornings on Wednesday, the Creed III star/director addressed his recent Saturday Night Live monologue. In it, Jordan joked that he was on dating app Raya following his high-profile relationship with Harvey. 

“I think for me it’s just, I was lucky enough to have a lot of work,” the 35-year-old said today when asked by Gayle King how he got through the breakup. “I’m a firm believer in ‘what’s for you is for you,’ and coming out of that situation—not to give it, you know, any energy and kind of move from that—is, you know, it was an experience for me to grow and learn.”

Jordan went on to say that despite his nearly two-year relationship with the SKN by LH creator coming to an end, he’s hopeful for the future. “I’m in my light right now. This is my Jordan year, I mean that. This is my year,” said the long-time star finally set to make his directorial debut. “There’s so much going on, so many blessings, so many great things. This is at a point in my career where there’s not a lot of people telling me ‘no’ and everything’s wide open.”

Last December, Harvey echoed a similar sentiment about their breakup during an interview with Essence. The model, who is currently dating Damson Idris, said she was focused on self-love. “I feel like it’s always been [about] me attached to something or someone. This time, it’s about me. Self-love, self-care, self-reflection,” Harvey said. “I’m being a little self-ish right now. It’s my time.”

She continued, “I know my worth, and I know my value. I’m not going to compromise that, or settle, or accept anything less than what I know I deserve. That’s where I’m at in my life right now. I’m not compromising my peace and happiness for anything or anybody.”

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