Video: Humanoid Tests Protective Camo Clothing

Boston Dynamics shows off its human-like robot.

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Boston Dynamics, the company behind the crazy military horse robot, has unveiled its newest creation on video this weekend. Dubbed Petman, the anthropomorphic robot is not technically new, but it's now gained a head and a new set of threads. 

Developed with the Department of Defense's Chemical and Biological Defense program, Petman is meant to test the durability of protective clothing that will be worn by soldiers while in the field. As you can see in the video, NBC reports that "once the robot is outfitted with the latest hazardous materials suit or flak jacket, it can then walk, crouch, jump and generally move realistically, giving the new duds a good workout."

To better simulate how a human would act and react in the field wearing the clothes, Petman produces both sweat and heat, and has sensors that can tell whether or not a human would be able to withstand certain conditions. 

[via NBC News]

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