Wake N' Watch: "The Cove" Documentary Trailer

Half Jacques Cousteau and half James Bond, this movie captures the secret dolphin slaughter in a small Japanese town.

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Shot by award-winning former National Geographic photographer Louie Psihoyos, The Cove is a guerrilla-style documentary that captures the mass killing of dolphins each year at Taiji, Wakayama in Japan. The movie is being heralded by critics (it won the Audience Award at Sundance this year) for its combination of stunning visuals and disturbing secret footage—the director has described it as a mix of Jacques Cousteau and James Bond.

You may recall back in 2007, when Heroes star Hayden Panettiere had to flee Japan after an activist group she was surfing with tried to free a group of dolphins at Taiji from the nets of fishermen. The resulting confrontation is also captured in The Cove, which hits select theaters this weekend. Just don't expect it to play in Japan...for some reason they think Americans complaining about killing a few thousand dolphins is a tad hypocritical, considering the fact that our factory farms slaughter billions of animals each year. But hey, that's beside the point. Go dolphins!

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