The 100 Most Memorable Things Complex Did In 2009

It's been a crazy year. Check out all of our favorite interviews, lists, videos, blog posts, and more!

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Well, here we are: December 31st, 2009, 6:30 PM. Last post of the year, people! We've been at it nearly every day for the last 12 months, bringing you our innovative photoshoots, revealing interviews, hilarious pop culture lists, and eye-popping videos. So while we rest for a few days (We'll be back in full effect on January 4, 2010), please take some time to catch up on all the Complex stuff you missed over the course of the year. As far as we're concerned, these are 100 must-click classics...


#1: The Best of the 2000s: Complex's Complete Decade In Review (September 9 - December 2)
Thirteen top 100 Lists counting down our favorite everything. Whew.

#2: The Kanye West Cover Story (March 23)
Our April/May cover story with "the most influential brand in the universe" is a futuristic classic.

#3: The Kim Kardashian Cover Story (March 24)
Even with the retouching controversy, Kimmy killed it again!

#4: The Kid Cudi x AUGOR Cover Story (August 3)
This creepy art collabo annnounced our innovative Style & Design issue.

#5: The Keri Hilson x So-Me Cover Story (August 4)
The sexy side of Style & Design was a collabo between ATL and Paris.

#6: The Eminem Cover Story (December 1)
While prepping Relapse 2, Em gave us one of his most revealing interviews ever.

#7: The Clipse x KAWS Cover Story (September 21)
Another one of our greatest covers of all time features these rap action figures.

#8: The Katy Perry Cover Story (May 26)
The pop princess showed us her dark side in the June/July issue.

#9: The Complex Soundboard: Click On It! (August 12)
Hopefully the hours you wasted on this didn't get you fired.

#10: The Best of 2009: Complex's Top 25 Everything of the Year (December 28 - 31)
It's not all about us. This is everything else we loved in '09.


#1: The Worldwide Wednesday Map (September 30)
Keep tabs on your favorites hotties all over the world with a click of the mouse.

#2: Top 50 Music Video Girls of the 2000s (November 19)
The ultimate list of females that popped up in music vids this decade.

#3: The Ultimate Archive: Sofia Vergara's Hottest Pics (September 25)
Everyone knows Sofia is hot, but we compiled more evidence than anyone ever has.

#4: Sweet Detail: Caitlin (August 21)
We love all our beauties on the block, but this one from the summer still has us stuck.

#5: Mirror, Mirror: Paul Pope x Complex (July 9)
The comic book artist illustrates this sexy model shoot from the summer.

#6: Meet Korea's 9 Girl Pop Supergroup (January 15)
Our introduction to SNSD had people talking all year.

#7: 10 Butter Face Women We'd Probably Still Bag (July 21)
Ugly girls need love too!

#8: Fight Night Face Off: Filipina Women vs. Puerto Rican Women (November 2)
In honor of Pacquiao vs Cotto, this one almost set off a civil war.

#9: Barely Legal: The 10 Hottest '90s Babies (July 14)
The dopest females that have only been safe to look at for a minute.

#10: Worldwide Wednesday: The 50 Hottest American Women (July 1)
We celebrated the country's birthday with this list of each state's hottest lady.


#1: Brett Ratner's Directory Commentary (September 16)
The director talked us through all the classic videos he directed before moving onto movies.

#2: Amber Rose (August 11)
We talked to the bald beauty and laced everyone with exclusive photos and video too.

#3: Drake Talks Young Money, Kanye Comparisons & Ghostwriting (February 19)
Right after So Far Gone dropped, we got to know Drizzy before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.

#4: Tahiry Cries Over Joe Budden (October 5)
Joey's ex kept it all the way real about her failed relationship.

#5: 50 Cent Keeps Sending Shots (October 21)
After staying in some type of beef all year, 50 kept the disses coming, particularly at Hov, during this interview.

#6: Taz Arnold Talks Tights, Childhood Gangs, & Style Philosophy (March 18)
Kanye's fashion-forward homie is truly one-of-a-kind.

#7: Killer Mike Presents 10 Underground Atlanta Artists You Need To Know (September 1)
The artist now known as Big Mike introduced us to the hottest new talent out of his city.

#8: Lauren London's Hot Complex Gallery, Interview & Video (April 28)
LL's last big shoot before going under the radar for the rest of the year. She had Lil Wayne's baby. There, we said it.

#9: J. Cole's Diary from the Blueprint 3 Tour (November 16)
Our cameras followed Roc Nation's red-hot rookie on the road.

#10: Spencer Pratt Talks Rap Career, Brody Jenner's Street Cred & Why Heidi Beats Beyoncé (May 13)
This might be the funniest interview ever.


#1: Life After Death: The Complete History of Dead Rap Magazines (July 23)
With all the rap mags dying this year, we had to pay homage. Does this mean Vibe is a zombie?

#2: Twitter Fight! Jim Jones vs. Ne-Yo (March 3)
This hilarious parody of the altercation set off our "Twitter Fight" series of posts.

#3: The 69 Most Pause-Worthy Lyrics In Hip-Hop History (July 23)
With all the rap mags dying this year, we had to pay homage.

#4: Trendhumper Hov: 8 Things Jay-Z Tries To Kill On Off That (August 24)
Some worked, some didn't, but we were the first to notice either way.

#5: Get Off The Stage! Lil' Mama's Most Embarrassing Moments (September 14)
Seriously...she needs help, people.

#6: BFFs! Jay-Z's Top 8 "Ty Ty" References (September 1)
Look back on Hov's chronicle of friendship.

#7: A History of Gucci Mane's Greatest Chains (April 30)
Well damn! Examine and analyze every piece of the rapper's ridiculous neckwear.

#8: The White Rapper Encyclopedia (December 8)
If the rapper is white and has ever done anything semi-relevant, he (or she) is in here.

#9: Style War: Who's The Most Stylish Rapper Of All Time? (June 17)
Complex and Nah Right teamed up for this competition to decide hip-hop's style king. Kanye won!

#10: 10 Exclusive Retail Deals For Rap's New Generation (March 3)
Jokes, people...jokes!


#1: The Best & Worst of Street Detail (August 25)
The most memorable entries in our daily man-on-the-street style column

#2: How To Get Jay-Z's All-Black Everything Look (July 28)
Everyone copied Hov's murdered-out steez this year.

#3: Cut & Show: Moscot Eyewear (October 22)
Learn about the history of our favorite eyewear brand.

#4: Gentleman of Leisure: Asher Roth's Fashion Feature (June 4)
Boat shoe mania!

#5: How To Dress Like The Characters From Snatch (December 1)
Smarten up like these classic British gangsters.

#6: How to Tie a Bow Tie featuring Alexander Olch (January 13)
Our tie guru shows you how to do this, son!

#7: How To Dress Like Your Favorite "Do The Right Thing" Characters (July 1)
Our first celebrity style guide was a classic. Mookie!

#8: Fashion Feature: Chain Gang (May 1)
We shot NYC's real-life bike enthusiasts in this extended cycling style guide.

#9: How To Dress Like Dwight Schrute From The Office (October 13)
After he broke out the wolf shirt, we couldn't resist.

#10: Fashion Feature: Snow Patrol (December 21)
Check out this gallery/video to learn how to brave the elements with style.


#1: DJ Clark Kent, Mayor, Matt Halfhill, Chris Vidal & Will Whitney's Best Sneakers of 2009 (December 14-18)
A few of the most influential dudes in the sneaker game picked their favs.

#2: My Sneaker Essentials: Chris Paul (December 24)
The NBA star told us about how his must-have kicks.

#3: The 50 Best Nike Dunks Of All Time (September 2)
Our look back at the best (non-SB) Dunks almost started a riot in the comments section.

#4: My Sneaker Essentials: Wale (August 28)
He's known for his sneaks, and he told us which specific ones matter the most.

#5: Jim Jones's Summer Sneakers Twitpic Recap (August 26)
After Jones snapped pics of his gear all summer, somebody had to do the recap.

#6: Switching Sides When Athletes Change Sneaker Endorsements (July 17)
When D. Wade switched to Jordan, we found out who else jumped ship from one brand to another.

#7: Complex's Mid-Year Best Sneakers of 2009 (June 15)
With the year only half over, our list of favs looked a little different.

#8: Outtakes: Nike's Mark Smith Interview About The Air Yeezy (April 3)
Details about the coveted shoe right from the source.

#9: The History of Gold Sneakers (February 11)
Shiny kicks were poppin' long before Supra made 'em.

#10: DJ Clark Kent's Top 50 Air Force 1s (February 11)
The King of AF1s counts down his all-time classics.


#1: Kanye West: Creating the Complex Cover (March 23)
A behind-the-scenes look at how our innovative shoot with Mr. West came together.

#2: Style & Design: Kid Cudi + Augor (August 3)
The graffiti artist breaks down how we put together one of the year's best covers.

#3: Devin The Dude's Guide To Game (April 14)
The laid-back Texan tries to show our interns how to spit game in the park.

#4: Tropical Fantasy (March 9)
Meet Puerto Ricos hottest models in this bikini shoot video.

#5: How To Clean Your Sneakers (May 21)
Tips that everyone needs to know.

#6: CSN 3 (featuring Bun B) (April 1)
Bun B and some Complex staffers duked it out in a game of Jordan trivia.

#7: Piecebook Reloaded (November 23)
Five graffiti vets discuss history and illustrate our sexy model shoot.

#8: Inside Eminem's Cover Story (December 1)
The Em cover turned out great. Here's how it happened.

#9: Cut & Show: 10.Deep (December 22)
Take a look at how the guys at 10 Deep pump out some of the best streetwear around.

#10: NCAA Draft Picks: Erin Andrews (March 4)
We got to know everyone's favorite sexy sports girl, one-on-one.


#1: Lighten Up! A History of Sammy Sosa's Biggest Fails (November 11)
When the slugger got a white-skin makeover, we had to point out the rest of his embarrassing moments.

#2: The 50 Best NBA Slam Dunks (November 24)
If a dunk happened and it was crazy, it's on this list.

#3: The 50 Most Brutal NFL Hits (September 10)
Same story. If a hit happened and it was crazy, it's on this list.

#4: Nike Basketball's 10 Best TV Commercials (August 11)
Nike has been killing the commercial game for a while. Here's proof.

#5: The 50 Greatest MMA Dominations! (November 18)
These brutal MMA moments are the definition of aggressive content.

#6: Blind Fury: The 5 Worst Umpire Calls In MLB Playoff History (October 22)
There was some serious shadiness this MLB playoff season, but nothing tops these bad calls.

#7: The Twitter King: Ron Artest's 10 Best Tweets (August 25)
Nobody wilds out with the tweets quite Mr. Artest.

#8: The 50 Most Badass Moments In Sports History (August 6)
Anything gully that's gone down in sports is probably somewhere on here.

#9: Is the NBA Gang Related? A Complex Investigation (August 4)
With David Stern tweaking over potential gang-affiliated in his league, we had to find out for ourselves.

#10: Stephon Marbury's 10 Craziest Moments (September 9)
There's so many to choose from, but we found the most insane ones.


#1: The 50 Best Blaxploitation Movies Of All Time (October 1)
Black Dynamite was one of the best movies this year, but it owes its whole style to this classic genre of film.

#2: Is Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen Racist? (June 23)
Not only did this movie suck, but it was filled with low key 'cism.

#3: The 10 Hottest Girls From Quentin Tarantino Films (August 18)
QT makes great flicks with even greater eye candy. These are our favs.

#4: The 50 Best School Movies Of All Time (August 27)
School has been in session for a minute, but these campus classics never get old.

#5: Before Jersey Shore: Great Moments In Guido History (December 3)
The MTV show made them mainstream, but guidos have been going wild for years.

#6: The 50 Greatest Action Movies Of All Time (July 7)
Every summer is filled with these explosive movies, but these 50 are the absolute best.

#7: Caught on Tape! 22 Movie Star Stripteases (May 6)
Like many Hollywood hotties before her, Jessical Biel took it all off on-screen this year.

#8: 6 Potential New Careers For Will Ferrell (June 8)
After the comedy great caught a couple bricks this year, we had some suggestions.

#9: The 50 Scariest Movies Of All Time (October 21)
Everyone loves a good horror film. We love these the most.

#10: 10 Blogs That Need To Become TV Shows (September 10)
These blogs are fun to read, but we'd rather watch them.


#1: Complex Back In The Day: The Best of 1989 (August 10)
What would we be into if we were around 30 years ago? Check our favorite everything.

#2: When Blogging Goes Wrong: Meet Aaron Reid (January 7)
His biggest fail was yet to come, but we called it early. The internet is a public place.

#3: The 40 Most Violent Comics Ever (July 20)
In honor of Comic Con, we got gruesome with it.

#4: Arcade Fire: The 50 Most Violent Video Games Ever (August 26)
Did we mention we like violence?

#5: Politickin' With John Brown: Obama's Illuminatti Problem (April 9)
Is the President secretly a member of this international conspiracy? J.B. examines the evidence.

#6: R.I.P. Dash Snow: A Look Back At The Artist's Best Work (July 14)
Get to know the controversial hipster artist and judge for yourself.

#7: Faces Of Meth: 10 Celebrities Who Got Caught With Crystal (July 16)
All the celebs who've gone "Breaking Bad."

#8: The 5 Most Racist Moments In The Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings (July 17)
Republicans, you got some 'splainin' to do!

#9: Whip Game Proper: A History of Jay-Z's Video Cars (December 7)
A comprehensive look back at Hov's auto obsession.

#10: Sweet! Complex's Top 50 Candy Countdown (October 20)
Give yourself a treat for making it to the bottom of this long-ass list.

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