Take A Glance At The Evolution Of The Game Controller

There's a lot of information in this graphic, plus a few surprises!

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Do you remember the excitement when you first got your hands on Nintendo's Power Glove? How about when you opened up that gift box and got that uniquely odd shaped Dreamcast controller? Well, over the ages of video game history, the controller is the symbol of all that is good and fair in the land. From the simple, yet iconic Atari joystick to the wireless 23rd century vibe of the PlayStation 3, we have been glued to the advances made in gaming ingenuity.

The chart below (found on Reddit) covers the obvious, as well as some surprising additions like the Samba de Amigo maracas and Nintendo Zapper. There's a lot more information for you to check out, you may want to save this image to your own computer so you can scroll and zoom to witness all of that gaming glory.

[via Reddit]

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