Woman’s Divorce From ‘Pathological Liar’ Inspires 50-Part ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ Series That’s Taking Over TikTok

The Atlanta area woman took to TikTok to tell her story in the series, 'Who TF Did I Marry?'

One TikTok user’s story is a warning that you shouldn’t rush into marriage.

The woman, who goes by the name Reesa Teesa, took to the platform to tell the 50-part story of how she married a “pathological liar."

“I’m going to tell the story of how I met, dated, married, and divorced a real pathological liar,” she said in the introductory video, sharing that she’s “going to be truthful, even if it makes me look bad.”

In the viral series, titled Who TF Did I Marry?, over the course of eight to 10 hours, the Atlanta-area woman described how she met her ex-husband, whom she nicknames “Legion” after a biblical story of demons.

The pair connected in March 2020 on Facebook Dating, and she was immediately smitten when, on the way to their first date, she got a flat tire and he saved the day by paying for the repairs and their date.

Legion told her that he was a wealthy former arena football player who had a job at Apple during his off-season. He said he had been living in California but relocated to Atlanta to work as the VP of a condiment company. They shared intimate details about their lives, with Legion revealing that he had recently divorced his first wife, who had cheated on him. Legion and Reesa discussed what they were looking for in a relationship and continued dating; she was falling for him.


Just a small snippet of the things my ex husband lied about. #pathologicalliar #divorcetok #covid #reesateesa

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Shortly after they started dating, COVID-19 shut down the world, which intensified their romance. Legion and Reesa began living together, and while it was against her Christian values to cohabitate with a man before marriage, she didn’t want to be alone. He was also taking care of her by paying her bills.

Their relationship continued to escalate, and soon, they were discussing buying a home together, with Legion reassuring Reesa that he could afford a $700,000 home. They said their I do’s in January 2021 and were divorced five months later, in June, when she discovered the depths of his lies. She discovered that he was either being outright dishonest or using details from his estranged twin brother’s life.

“I just know that everything was a lie. I have not found anything that proves something was true,” Reesa said during a live chat. “I need to forgive myself; maybe I shouldn’t say forgive myself for being dumb, but definitely forgive myself, for you would rather be right and married than be obedient and patient.”

Legion actually worked at a temp company as a forklift driver, and he wasn’t able to afford a home for them. Reesa found out that he used false social security numbers and bank statements in an attempt to secure the home—and that he was also on probation for offenses like criminal trespassing and impersonation of an officer.

“I actually think if there was no COVID, I am not sure that—I think the relationship would have went in a different direction. I do,” she added.

When she connected with his family members, she said that everyone told her that he’s been behaving this way since he was a child.

“Which tells me you all saw something in him that was never addressed, never corrected, and now he’s a full-grown man out here in the world preying on whoever. For the record, he’s not just preying on women. He has lied to men, too, not necessarily in a romantic way, but he lies to everyone.”

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