The Internet is Reimagining Vision as #ViShawn After Season 1 Finale Turtleneck Scene

Following the Season 1 finale of 'WandaVision,' Black Twitter began reimagining Vision as ViShawn and got the hashtag trending on the social media platform.

vishawn twitter

Image via Getty/LOIC VENANCE

vishawn twitter

It was over for Paul Bettany’s Vision when in the Season 1 finale of WandaVision, the character wears a black, fitted turtleneck. Vision got the meme treatment over the weekend, with Black Twitter reimagining the superhero and getting the hashtag #ViShawn to start trending.

Also starring Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda, the new Disney+ miniseries first premiered in mid-January and sees Olsen and Bettany reprise their superhero roles. The show takes place after Endgame, where the two characters are initially found in a picturesque suburban home, before the story unravels.

Take a look at some of the best Vision remakes below, with the #ViShawn hashtag also spawning a couple of other characters, including LaWanda and Vishawna.















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