Nick Cannon Celebrates His and Alyssa Scott's Son Zen 2 Years After Death

The pair's son, Zen, passed away from brain cancer in December 2021 at 5 months old.

Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott are honoring their late son Zen.

The couple’s first child together died from brain cancer in December 2021 when he was 5 months old.

Cannon took to Instagram to share a video of him, Scott, and their second child together, Halo, walking on the beach. Halo was born in December 2022 and is Cannon’s youngest child. 

“Zen’s Light and presence shining over little miss Halo and Mommy and Daddy!” the father of 12 wrote. “What a beautiful day to remind us all that there is a higher power and God’s Energy and frequency to keep us all going under his grace and mercy even in the midst of challenges.”

Cannon and Scott had Zen in July 2021. After Zen's death, the talk show host revealed he was prompted to take his son to the doctor after noticing Zen had a cough and a larger head. Medics found fluid buildup in the baby's brain and later discovered a malignant tumor as well. Though he did have surgery, his health declined around Thanksgiving that year.

“Usually on Sundays, I handle everything I need to handle with the family, then I fly back—I rush back—so I can be here with you all,” Cannon later told his fans during the Nick Cannon Show.

“I wanted to make sure I could allow the sun to rise and could hold my son. Holding my son for the last time, but it was a beautiful setting…I was still preparing my day as it normally went, to come back and come here, I didn’t know what it was gonna be. But even by the time I got in the car and was headed to the airport, I had to turn around.”

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